Industrial SSD Professional


We are always highly honest to our valuable customers about what we can do and what we cannot do, and keep our customers informed of what is really happening. We propose the most suitable solutions for different applications and implement corresponded level tests according to our standard or customized standard. Customers do not need any vagueness in any time, thus, in order to carry out open communication, we put all things and even problems on the table. We do strictly according to what we promise and never promise anything we can not manage.


Technology waits for nobody. To catch up with the highly developing world, we need to keep our steps and follow the big trends. We believe there is always a reason for us to do everything better and offer better than best products to our customers. So we are ready to learn and improve without any stop. After years of effort, we manage to control our RMA rate less than 0.29%. To fit enterprise and industrial applications better, we established new generations of products with high capacity and on-board UPS. All our efforts and improvements make our products more reliable for our customers and their devices & systems.


We deeply believe that customers do not only need our products, but also good service. For better customer experience, we regard staff training as a main course both on knowing how to make suitable proposal and offer all-round service. What is more, we highly focus on fast reaction. Customers will get responded in the shortest time period with accurate answers. Meanwhile, we implement policies to turn complication into efficiency and simplicity. Customers do not have to face complex and lengthy procedures before issues solved and commands satisfied.