Thanks for choosing Terabit flash memory storage products.

The warranty period will take effect on the day of delivery date or invoice date. Please be aware that the warranty only applies to those products that experience failure when operating on the recommended environments and guidelines. Terabit Technology will not be responsible for failures caused by intentional damage or improper usage.

I. Warranty Compliance

a. Products purchased from a regular Terabit channel.

b. Defective products should have related accessories (if yes), such as power cable, adapter, screws etc.

c. Defective products should be with complete label, including barcode, S/N and model name.

d. For out-of-warranty products, Terabit will charge related fees, and offer another 3-month warranty.

II. Warranty Duration

One-year Warranty

Peripherals, Cables, Adapters

Two-year warranty

Products based on NAND TLC Flash

Three-year warranty

Products based on NAND MLC Flash

Five-year Warranty

Products based on NAND SLC Flash

III. Repairing Guidelines

Customers with Terabit manufactured products are entitled to repairing and replacements during the warranty period. If you meet problems, please contact Terabit technical support as first step, if the problem could not be solved remotely, then you can ask us for a RMA number and send the defective products together with the RMA number attached to Terabit address on your freight. Terabit will report the product condition and the problem within 5 workdays upon receiving the defective products and start repairing. 

IV. Warranty Claiming

a. Before you send the defective products to Terabit, please back up the data in the drive. Terabit is only responsible for the defective product, but not for the data and files inside the drive. For any loss or revealing of data during repairing, Terabit bears no responsibilities.

b. If the drive is badly damaged, Terabit has the right to decide if repair, replace or update the drive. For some special cases, Terabit can offer customer products with similar function or value products as replacements.

c. For some military products which are conformal coated, the repairing period will be 1-2 weeks longer than standard.

V. Remarks

For the below situations, the warranty will void or warranty terms do not apply:

a. The product is not used under guideline or instruction, or the product is used in more than tolerable severe environments, which are beyond the features of product.

b. The product is damaged by nature force, such as flood, earthquake, thundering, typhoon and fire, or by artificial, such as slashing, over voltage input and ruinous test, or by carelessness of manpower.

c. Wafer is used up.

d. The product label, sticker or logo is removed or damaged, or the product is taken apart for personal repairing.

e. Virus damages the product, or data lose by harmful action.