Terabit MT300 and MT600 series provide extremely high reliability and performance for defense and aerospace applications. These series of products are fully applied to military applications with extended grade components adopted and military standard testing passed. We guarantee all the components have extended features -40~+85℃ or even -55~+110℃, and have to pass a list of tests include but not restricted to high temperature storage & operational, low temperature storage & operational, shock & vibration (MIL-STD-810G), burn-in, altitude, torque, dropping, bending and sudden power loss. Besides, we can make the series of products rugged with ruggedized SATA connector and conformal coated (MIL-I-46058C). To offer a better heat conduction especially in high temperature, we offer physical cooling pads to release the heat from NAND Flash and longer its life to the best degree. As special support for military application, we also offer fixed BOM for long term supplying. If the BOM needs to be changed due to uncontrollable reasons, we will pre-notice at least 6 months in advance and send replacement to customer for testing.

As a conclusion, only the most reliable and stable solutions can work for military applications, as they need to face severe working environments. So our military solutions need to be qualified with below features:

1.     Extended grade components

2.     Compliant with MIL-STD-810G

3.     Highly reliable in quality and stable in performance

4.     Customized testing conditions

5.     Military secure erase up to 30GB/s


Industrial & Embedded

Terabit offers a wide range of products for industrial & embedded applications such as railway system, industrial computer, industrial system, panel PC, embedded PC, POS machine, gaming machine, in-vehicle and medical equipment. Terabit industrial series SSD are designed with high performance and reliability with -20~+70℃ and -40~+85℃ available, and all industrial products have to pass standard industrial testing procedure such as temperature, shock, vibration, performance, electrical, sleep-and-wakeup, torque and sudden power loss. To accurately fit different industrial applications, Terabit offers complete product line for choice, such as 2.5inch SATA, 2.5inch PATA, 1.8inch Micro SATA, MSATA, M.2, CompactFlash, CFast, SATA DOM, PATA DOM and SD Card. Customers can choose the most proper form factor for their devices. Our Industrial & Embedded solutions need to meet requirements:

1. Industrial grade components

2. Pass industrial grade test procedures

3. High reliability and performance

4. Working temperature range -20~+70°C or -40~+85°C

5. Customized testing conditions


Server & Computing

Terabit provides high capacity and high performance products for enterprise and cloud computing applications. To reduce the cost for customers, Terabit enlarged the capacity in single 2.5inch drive into 2TB based on NAND MLC Flash and 512GB based on NAND SLC Flash, single MSATA drive into 1TB based on NAND MLC Flash and 256GB on SLC Flash. For extreme transferring speed, Terabit established M.2 2280 & 22110 PCIE3.0x4 SSD/ NVME1.2 up to 1TB on NAND MLC, with Read up to 2500MB/s and Write up to 1350MB/s. To avoid SSD performance dropping after long time and heavy operation, Terabit provides the option to set an over provision room up to 28% of whole drive capacity under the requirement of customers, while over provisioning can help the drives to operate in super fast and 7x24 non-drop performance. Some large-scale enterprise servers now have back-up power supply, for some single server or computing devices, we have on-board UPS available, which enables the drive to work extra time when sudden power loss. Our Enterprise solutions need to meet:

1. Qualified commercial or extended components

2. High performance and reliability

3. Over Provision setting options

4. On board UPS options


Terabit provides SSD related peripherals to be a turnkey supplier. The peripherals include 2D NAND Flash (Toshiba/Micron/Hynix), 3D NAND MLC Flash, MSATA adapter, M.2 adapter, CompactFlash adapter, CFast adapter, Adapter cables, Power Cables, Routers (Made in France), Connectors and USB Flash Drives.